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Camel is a progressive rock band from Guildford, England. The band came together in 1971, and had guitarist Andrew Latimer, bassist Doug Ferguson, drummer Andy Ward, and keyboardist Peter Bardens as original members.

Their first album, the fine “Camel” was released in 1973. The debut album was a very solid example of progressive rock with tightly performed selections relying heavily on keyboards and lengthy tracks that allowed the musicians space to solo and improvise. “Slow Yourself Down” and “Mystic Queen” are standout tracks from this one.

Camel’s second album, “Mirage” (1974), proved to be the band’s masterpiece with inspired arrangements, playing and songs. “Free Fall,” “Supertwister,” and “Lady Fantasy” are the highlights here. The album is one of the all-time classics of progressive rock.

Camel’s next two albums, “The Snow Goose” (1975) and “Moonmadness” (1976) were both stellar efforts, and come close to reaching the heights achieved on Mirage. The former album is an instrumental showcase for the more brilliant arrangements and ensemble playing, and is conceived as a concept album about the life cycle of the snow goose. The latter album is more keyboard-driven, but is just as memorable. Camel’s outstanding live album, “A Live Record” (1978), with its spot on live renditions of studio material amply demonstrated the brilliance of this band’s individual members.

After falling on hard times in the Eighties, Camel bounced back in the Nineties with several solid albums including, “Harbor of Tears” and “Rajaz.”

Peter Bardens passed away in 2002.

Camel in concert

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